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Popular lofts in Rome

We've found all the best lofts for hosting celebrations. Choose a loft and plan your own very special event.
Pini Spettinati
Рим, Porta Fubra (MA) (17 minutes walk)
2270 ft2
400 guests
from 120,00 /час
Ballroom at TeatroLoSpazio
Рим, San Giovanni (MA) (4 minutes walk)
70 ft2
30 guests
from 20,00 /час
Theater party room at TeatroLoSpazio
Рим, San Giovanni (MA) (4 minutes walk)
200 ft2
200 guests
from 100,00 /час
Studio Fotografico Studio154
Рим (12 minutes walk)
80 ft2
15 guests
from 37,00 /час
Lostandfound Studio
Рим, Malatesta (MC) (16 minutes walk)
150 ft2
200 guests
from 90,00 /час
в Риме

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